1. BulletRead aloud and share with the class!

    Paso a Paso has another version of a biopoema: students read the following poem called  “Yo Soy yo.”:

    Cómo soy yo?
    Soy generoso..
    y a veces tacaño
    Hoy soy sociable
    mañana callado.

    Cómo soy yo?
    No soy paciente
    pero sí prudente
    Yo soy gracioso
    y también perezoso
    Yo soy yo.

    The authors suggest, and I have had success with this,  filling in the blanks to a write a poem about themselves:

    ¿Cómo soy yo?
    Soy ________ y _______
    Pero a veces soy _____________
    Me gusta________y también__________
    pero no me gusta ______________
    Yo soy yo.”

  2. BulletBarbara MacArthur has a CD for sale called “Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos,”   that contains a good song (Los Contrarios) reinforcing simple adjectives.

  3. BulletA great song using every beginning adjective imaginable with a great beat the students love is from the CD Musicapaedia.  You can’t stop singing it.  And if you buy it, the booklet comes with vocabulary and grammar drills, and crossword puzzles.

  4. BulletHere is a short rhyme from Accion’s Teacher’s Edition:
    Ni tonto ni tacaño
    ni aburrido ni inteligente
    Yo soy un muchacho
    común y corriente

Internet Activities

  1. BulletTake a fun quiz on simple adjectives and related questions. It lets you know how you did on each question, then tells your percent correct.

  2. BulletFun game to practice simple adjectives.

  3. Bullet Aural quiz. Listen to the description and click.

  4. BulletFun Anagram Quiz.  The timer is starting

  5. BulletLook at the cartoon character and choose the best answer.









In Class

  1. BulletHave students cut out a picture of a person from a magazine which they label with two adjectives.  Example:  Es deportista y trabajador.

  2. BulletShow them how to write a “Biopoema.”
    The first line: their first name.
    The second line:  two adjectives describing their physical attributes.
    The third line:  two adjectives describing their personality.
    The fourth line:  fill in the blank--me gusta______.
    The fifth line:  fill in the blank--no me gusta________
    The sixth line:  astrological sign in Spanish.
    The last line : their last name.

    Example:  María
    guapa rubia
    tímida trabajadora
    Me gusta dibujar
    No me gusta bailar