In Class

  1. Bullet Play Bingo.

  2. BulletPlay la Señora Sloan’s Destiny Bingo.
    Before the game begins, have the students circle with a pen one number in each row (they should have a total of 10 numbers circled). Make sure to check each student’s “board” to make sure it is complete and there are no “cross-outs.”  The teacher begins by calling any number he/she chooses.  If the student has that number circled, they put an X on that number. Next, the students get their turns. One by one they call out a number (naturally they should choose one they have circled) until one student sees that all of his circled numbers have been called.  He/she yells out “Bingo de Destino,” and is the winner.

    This game gives students a chance to practice saying as well as listening to numbers in Spanish. It is more active than your “typical” Bingo game.

  3. BulletHave students recite their phone numbers.

  4. BulletDictate phone numbers; students must write them down.

  5. BulletGive a quiz, where you call out students’ own phone numbers from your class list. If they know their numbers en español, you should her a lot of “squealing” in the classroom.

  6. BulletBy rows in the class have them count by 10s, then by girls and boys, then by pairs.

  7. BulletAsk students the date.

  8. BulletTeach students to say their ages  Tengo _______ años.

  9. BulletTell students to guess your age, if you dare :)  Tell them whether your age is “mäs” or “menos” than the one they say, until a students guesses it correctly.

  10. BulletWhen you need to choose sides in a game or activity, why not say it in Spanish?

  11. BulletTin marín
    de dos pingüé
    cúcara mácara títere fue
    ¿Cuántas patas tiene el gato?
    ¡Una, dos, tres, y cuatro!

Internet Activities

  1. BulletChoose these activities/games from quia. which practice numbers 1-100.

  2. BulletThese games/activities go from 0-151. 

  1. BulletIn this quia activity, students see the numbers 0-100 spelled out, and their
    task is to put them in the correct order.

  2. Bullet Another ordering game with numbers from 0-30.

  3. BulletGreat number game. You are shown a number in Spanish and you have to 3 choices from which to pick.

  4. BulletWrite the numbers that you hear.

  5. BulletWrite the number you hear in the sentence.

  1. BulletLet some Esqueletos show your students how to tell time

Ordinal Numbers

Good pronunciation exercise/rhyme from the Acción Teacher Edition:

Subo y bajo en el ascensor

del piso primero al tercero

dónde está mi amor