In Class

  1. BulletPlay Family Bingo, which you can have your students design or you can purchase from Teachers Discovery.

  2. BulletHave each student draw and label their árbol geneológico.

  3. BulletShow students a silly animal “family tree.”  A cat might be married to a dog and have children who are rabbits!   Then  have them create their own to show the class.  At the bottom of the tree, have them write out fives sentences about the family members’ relationships.  For example:

    Bowser es el hermano de Trigger.  Lassie es la tía de Bambi etc.

  1. BulletHave your students think about who they would like to invite to a “Reunión Familiar.”  Have them write out a list of at least 8 of these “invitados,”

    mi abuela Marta
    mis primos, Juan y Luis

  2. BulletHave students draw pictures and label their favorite family on TV.

  3. BulletExplain the diminutive to your students, that the diminutive “ito” and “ita”  suffix show affection.  The Teacher’s edition of the Acción Text book, published by Glencoe-McGraw-Hill had this rhyme that I have my students learn by heart.

Mamacita cómprame un regalito

Papacito ayúdame un poco

Hermanito hazme un favorcito

abuelito présteme un dinerito

  1. BulletHere are two other family-related rhymes.

    Me llamo Ana María

Soy hija de los García

Vivo en la Avenida

tres, cero, cero,

Cerca de la Gran Vía

Juan Horacio

Maria Cecial

Jaime Ignacio

Joaquin y Emilia

Jorge Luis y Jose María

Ves que hay muchos

en mi familia?

Internet Activities

  1. BulletPick a game and practice your family vocabulary

  2. BulletFun game to practice Spanish family vocabulary

  3. BulletAural Family Quiz. Listen and click what you hear.

  4. BulletCómo es tu familia?  Watch Video.

  5. BulletTry this family Crucigrama

  6. BulletWhich member of the family?

  7. BulletSpeed spell family members.

Fun Things to Buy

  1. BulletShortly after introducing your students to family members en espanol, try this wonderful song, Mi Familia Grande by  Barbara MacArthur. Your students won’t be able to stop singing even if they try!  Listen to a sample by clicking here. (it is song #7):

  2. BulletYou can’t do without the catchy family ”ritmo”  ¿Quién Es? which you can find in the song booklet “Cantos, Ritmos Y Rimas” available here. The song begins....

“¿Quién es la mamá de tu mamá?  Es tu abuela.